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Our online Bachelor of Computer Science allows you to finish your undergraduate degree or quickly earn a second bachelor’s degree in a dynamic and innovative learning environment. Our degree is 100% online while maintaining a close collaboration with faculty.

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Ranked 12th in the Nation for Best Graduate Engineering Online Programs

Graduate Online Degrees and Certificates

Auburn’s online computer science degree allows you to graduate in as few as two years with 20 required courses or 60 total credit hours. This represents an opportunity to complete your degree while leveraging credits already earned.

Graduate Degrees

Aerospace Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Civil Engineering

Computer Science and Software Engineering

Cybersecurity Engineering

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Industrial and Systems Engineering

Master of Engineering – Interdisciplinary

Engineering Management

Materials Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Graduate Certificates

Automotive Manufacturing Systems

Occupational Safety and Ergonomics

Power Engineering (pending approval)

Pulp and Paper (pending approval)

Tribology Engineering (pending approval)

With great emphasis on both theoretical computer science and a hands-on application of learned skills, our distinguished faculty helps put you in demand in a wide range of topics, including: operating systems, computer network design, web and mobile app development and others.